More than sixty years of experience in the extraction, processing and commercialization of granite makes MarVerde one of the best companies in the sector of ornamental rock mining. The natural beauty of its stones and the excellence in the production and process define the superior quality standard of its products.

Recognized internationally for its quality and beauty, MarVerde granite materials are present in a variety of workmanship worldwide. Coming from more than fifty of their own mines, MarVerde granites have rare colors and unique textures to turn projects into true works of art.

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Products, made-to-order pieces and tiles.

1110, Água Verde Av. Curitiba – PR Phone / Fax +55 41 3342-6906/ +55 41 3243-5869

E-mail: loja@marverde.com.br

Hours of Operation: from Monday to Thursday, from 07h30 AM to 5h30 PM and Friday from 07h30 AM to 4h30 PM.


Slabs and blocks.

4661, Av. Da República. Parolin, Curitiba – PR Telephone numbers: +55 41 3333-2815 or +55 41 3333-6844

 +55 41 99698 – 0621

E-mail: fabrica@marverde.com.br

Hours of Operation: Monday from 07h30 AM to 4h30 PM and Tuesday to Friday from 07h30 AM to 5h30 PM.

(Brasília/São Paulo time zone)