Blocks and mines

MarVerde owns more than 50 mines containing blocks of granite that are extracted with the most diverse patterns and colors, which are beautiful and exclusive to the brand.

Rustic Pieces

Rustic pieces of granite are resistant and as a result of their tradition and elegance they are often used in the composition of sidewalks, walls, coverings, exterior benches, pulpits, monuments, and landscaping in general.

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Products, made-to-order pieces and tiles.

1110, Água Verde Av. Curitiba – PR Phone / Fax +55 41 3342-6906/ +55 41 3243-5869


Hours of Operation: from Monday to Thursday, from 07h30 AM to 5h30 PM and Friday from 07h30 AM to 4h30 PM


Slabs and blocks.

4661, Av. Da República. Parolin, Curitiba – PR Telephone numbers: +55 41 3333-2815 or +55 41 3333-6844

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Hours of Operation: Monday from 07h30 AM to 4h30 PM and Tuesday to Friday from 07h30 AM to 5h30 PM.

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